This study trip is available to students who would like to discover the practical aspects of the pet store world and jobs, by meeting experts who work with animals on an everyday basis. Each year, participants are impressed by the professionals they meet, their collaborative spirit and their love for animals.

An immersion in the world of pet stores

This study trip enables students to watch animals and make personal questions that are not addressed by books or in school. The real contact with pet store professionals provides useful spontaneity for a successful educational guidance, i.e. for the choice of a job.

Participants can learn a lot about animals, see examples of the everyday work of professionals. You will meet experts of this sector. On a path away from books and theory, you are going to live a full-immersion experience to increase your knowledge, and to discover the various working environments in this field.

Sharing the passion for animals

From breeding to care, this study trip will enable participants to work with animals and live their passion for them - a unique and fun training opportunity. The professionals involved provide students with the best information and advice about animals and their respective jobs. They will share their many years’ experience in pet stores.

This combination of education and real-life experience provides participants with a valuable insight as well as the possibility to think about their educational or professional choices, based on their age and educational situation, to discover that they have an aptitude for a particular job, for example. Such an immersion is very educational, with this mix of knowledge of human behaviour and animal behaviour. Students often come back from their trip changed or reassured, or in any case with a more precise idea of the world of pet stores. 


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