Guyana is a stunning country (but it’s not an island!) in South America. Nestled between Brazil, Suriname and the Atlantic Ocean, this small corner of greenery is a mix of French, Asian, African and Brazilian cultures.

The country is a promoter of eco-tourism. It is a pristine wilderness and home to a large number of animals. On the beach, caimans rub shoulders with turtles that come and lay their eggs, like on the Les Hattes beach. You will even find a turtle museum.

Remire-Montjoly beach is perfect for basking in the sun like lizards. Nearby there is Fort Diamant. After that, you can visit the ruins of an old sugar refinery.

In the inland, the savannah reaches more mountainous areas. In Guyana, tourism infrastructure is not very much developed, but locals fortunately speak French...

If you want to live a real adventure, visit the Salvation's Islands. Discover the remains of colonization. The wildlife here is abundant and diverse (monkeys, agouti, macaws...).

Even more unusual: go canoeing on a river. Discover Guyan’s seemingly impenetrable wildlife. You’ll have the chance to see remote villages and animals in their natural habitat. One of the most popular rivers is Maroni river. It’s also the longest one. It flows through the Amazon forest and offers an opportunity to discover the indigenous peoples and the Maroons.


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