Ireland is an island of Western Europe, including Southern Ireland and Northern Ireland, west of Great Britain. The northern part belongs to the UNITED KINGDOM. The division of the country in 2 territories is clear: each one has its own capital city. The capital of Southern Ireland is Dublin, whereas the capital of Northern Ireland is Belfast.

Ireland is a wonderful country full of places to discover. Irish landscapes are the real magic of this land of myths and legends. You are setting out on a journey through one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, regardless whether you prefer the South or the North.

The big cities offer plenty of activities, museums and pubs, such as Dublin and its trendy district Temple Bar. You should try the 2 most popular biers: Guiness and Carling.

If you prefer peace and quiet, the Cliffs of Moher await you. They are one of the most visited natural attractions in Ireland: 214 metres overhanging the western Atlantic Ocean. These iconic cliffs promise a spectacular hike.

If you love stunning landscapes and views, County Galway will seduce you, especially the famous Connemara Lake. In Northern Ireland, one of the most beautiful attractions is the Giant's Causeway.

Enjoy the culinary specialty of the country: the Irish Stew. A delicious lamb stew served with potatoes, onions and carrots - which will give you energy to visit Ireland of Postcards, with its green dunes enveloped by fog.


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