In addition to Budapest - the capital city of Hungary - discover the natural beauty of this country. Budapest is indeed an incredible city, definitely worth exploring! It is also a thermal city with quality baths, both on the Buda and on the Pest side.  Budapest is undoubtedly the most exciting capital city in Europe.

The country has its epic lake: lake Balaton.

Covered by mountains, the northern part of Hungary offers thermal towns, ancient architecture, and winegrowing areas. The southern part is a little more popular with tourists.

Don’t forget that Hungary has excellent red wines and a renowned white wine: Tokaï. Hungarians are proud of the wines they produce.

The ancient Hungarians lived in the Euro-Asian nomadic pastoral region, where the keeping and use of horses played an important role in their life. It is not surprising, therefore, that horses and horse riding have a key place in Hungarian history.

At the table, you will enjoy the chilli or pepper dishes (pepper varieties here are so tasty that pepper is considered as a chilli).

Architecture in Hungary is stunning, and folk art is a tradition to discover.


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