Bosnia and Herzegovina is located in the Balkan Peninsula in Southern Europe, close to Croatia and Serbia. Craggily beautiful, this country is most intriguing for its East-meets-West atmosphere born of blended Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian histories.

Many visitors still associate the country with the horrors of the 1990s, and several attractions focus on that era! But today, visitors will likely remember the country for its human warmth, its beautiful mountainscapes where you can go skiing, and its numerous medieval castle ruins.

Apart from modest Neum, the country lacks beach resorts, but easily compensates with cascading rafting rivers and waterfalls. 

Major drawcards are the reincarnated historic centres of Sarajevo – the capital - and Mostar, counterpointing splendid Turkish-era stone architecture, still visible on the facades of quirky bars or street-terrace cafes. And there's so much more to discover in the rural hinterland, all at prices that make Bosnia and Herzegovina one of Europe's best-value destinations.


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