Located in South-Eastern Europe, in the Balkans, Kosovo was one of the last countries to join Europe. It is a fascinating land rewarding visitors with welcoming smiles, charming mountain towns, incredible hiking opportunities and 13th-century domed Serbian monasteries.

The capital city of Kosovo – Pristina - is a fast-changing city that feels full of optimism and potential, even if its traffic-clogged streets and mismatched architectural styles don't make it an obvious tourist attraction. Far more a provincial town than great city, Pristina is very surprising and cosmopolitan. This is partially due to the great influence of Europe on Kosovo. Outside the capital, you’ll hear Turkish accents, or the call to prayer, and you’ll always have a « bazaar » to visit.

The second biggest city of Kosovo, Prizren, is very picturesque and shines with a euphoria that's infectious. The charming mosque- and church-filled old town hosts a documentary film festival – Dokufest - held each August.

The city's young population means an exciting night life.


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