A strip of solitary sand dunes that extend for some 60 km; a mound of wooden crosses so high it defies belief, in Šiauliai (north-central part of the country); an eclectic capital city that was built in the 17th century…  Lithuania’s charms are quirky, unforgettable and often very beautiful.

This southernmost of the three Baltic countries – which include Latvia and Estonia – definitely deserves to appear on more travellers’ bucket lists.

Enjoy vibrant Vilnius, the historic core of Lithuania’s capital. It is an eye-pleasing assemblage of bright baroque houses, inviting alleyways and colourful churches. But this is no museum piece! Push through big wooden doors to find lively pubs and bars, hidden terraces and romantic restaurants. Tumbledown buildings hide designer boutiques and high-end handicraft shops. It is an ideal city break.

The most popular day trip from the capital is the short train journey (about 30 km) to the Trakai Historical National Park, an outing that combines the natural beauty of several interconnected lakes with a lesson in Lithuanian history. The high point is to cross a small footbridge to the restored Gothic Island Castle that juts into Lake Galvė. The Trakai History Museum tells the story of the castle and features a collection of medieval weaponry. But if you prefer, you can hire a pedal boat to explore one of the lakes at your leisure.


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