Big, diverse and largely undiscovered by tourists, Ukraine is one of Europe’s last genuine travel frontiers, a nation rich in colourful tradition, warm-hearted people and off-the-map experiences!

Is it the feeling of being elsewhere but still in Europe, the bizarre Soviet legacy, the country’s raw history, the unexpected travel experiences... Is it all of that that makes you feel like going back there after the first visit? Or is it the star-dusted, blacker-than-black nights, the Nutcracker at the opera house in snow-bound Kyiv (the capital), the strange religious feeling in empty churches on rainy autumn Wednesdays in Lviv (the capital of Galicia), or the endless bus journeys across the steppe... it’s undoubtedly a little bit of all that.

A diverse landscape obviously throws up a whole bunch of outdoorsy activities: from mountain biking and hill walking in the Carpathians to bird spotting in the Danube Delta, and cycling along the Dnipro, etc.  It is also exciting to follow Ukrainians wandering their country’s vast forests, foraging for berries and mushrooms or picnicking by a meandering river.

Ukraine is big. In fact, it’s Europe’s biggest country (not counting Russia, which isn’t entirely in Europe) and packs a lot of diversity into its borders. You can be clambering around the Carpathians in search of Hutsul festivities, sipping Eastern Europe’s best coffee and partying on the beach in Odesa all in a few days.


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