Frozen wastelands, cosy cottages, virgin forests, rocky islands, reindeer herders and Viking lore – Sweden is a country of clichés that are real.

Ancient rune stones poke up out of the grass in parks all over Sweden! Viking ruins and the stories surrounding them are very much a part of the modern Swedish landscape, and it’s easy to feel as if you’re walking through history when you wander around the country.

Walled medieval cities and seaside fortresses are regular stops on the travellers’ circuit.

The northern part of Sweden is home to the indigenous people, whose traditionally nomadic lifestyle is built around reindeer herding. Their culture, including handicrafts, homes and villages, methods of transport and style of cooking, is one of the many things a visitor can become immersed in.

Don't miss the chance to learn from this indigenous people - spend a night or two in a Sami camp or take a dogsledding tour. If you have enough time, have a meal in a Sami restaurant.

Sweden’s most talked-about feature is its natural beauty, quite rightly. To really appreciate this country’s charms, you have to leave the city behind. Whether that means sailing across an archipelago to visit a lonely island or trekking along a trail through the northern wilderness, just depends on your preferences - Sweden simply invites you to set out to discover it. Hiking, camping, cycling, skiing, boating, and fishing are just some of the many activities on offer.


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