Denmark is in Northern Europe, close to Germany. With its capital city, Copenhagen, and its population estimated to be around 5,725,000 inhabitants, the country has become one of the most popular destinations in the world.

Its landscapes are wonderful, the country is very clean, eco-friendly, and the cities feature a Viking side that charms visitors.

Visitors will love Denmark and its stunning landscapes: the sea inspires daydreaming, and the country is surrounded by a multitude of small islands, each one with its own identity.

Copenhagen, in the north-east of Denmark, is the bicycle capital. But you can also find, while wandering, small towns full of charm and with an unpronounceable name, like Naestved, in the north-east of the country. Copenhagen is a lively city where historical monuments stand alongside modern projects.

Stop in Aarhus, European capital of culture, which is located by the sea and was one of the major Viking ports of the country. Many events take place there all year round (festivals, shows).

Discover cities with very picturesque tiny paved streets full of small half-timbered houses typical of Denmark. Stop at a baker’s shop and enjoy pastries and cakes that you will not find anywhere else, such as a Danish pastry or wienerbrød or kanelsnegl. A real treat!


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