Germany is in central Europe and shares a border with several countries, including France, Belgium, Austria and Switzerland. It is not surprising that it is a combination of modernity and ancient traditions, with spectacular landscapes, vibrant cities, and villages characterized by idyllic half-timbered houses. There are architectural masterpieces and fairy-tale castles in its various regions.


Germany - the 4th largest economy - is also a cultural country. You can visit a large number of museums there, and not only in Berlin - the capital city. You can enjoy a very active arts scene and an exciting nightlife.


Berlin has continued to evolve since the fall of the wall. Visitors can eat great cuisine in an old distillery, party until morning in a tube station, or attend an art course in an old Second World War bunker. The capital city of Germany has an “indie” spirit and a contagious energy.


Germany is known for its Oktoberfest, i.e. Beer Festival. It takes place in October, in Munich. It’s an occasion to taste the delicious German beers, and to share a convivial moment.


For a short romantic stay, choose the Rhine valley. The Rhine has always inspired artists and travellers. The landscapes of magical beauty and legendary castles make it amazing. For a more romantic experience, explore the valley by boat.


Places to visit: the Neuschwanstein castle at the foot of the Alps. This is the castle that the Disney’s Sleeping Beauty castle is said to have been based on!


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