Let’s consider Switzerland not just for chocolate and watchmaking. Contemporary Switzerland – a country where 4 languages are spoken - offers both alpine activities and an urban culture.

Visit the capital city – Bern – with its old medieval town and its world-famous modern art, its Germanic style and its daring architecture. Enjoy the elegance of Geneva, where you can find the biggest lake in Europe. Do not forget Lausanne and its festivals, etc.    Castles and craft beers, concerts and gourmet restaurants, Swiss cities offer you absolutely everything. And urban districts have never been so close to getaway spots: in a few minutes, you can relax in waterfront bars with a view on the Alps, or even enjoy an invigorating swim in the Rhine, Aar or Limmat rivers.

The villages still have wooden granaries, with a raised construction to keep provisions out of reach of rats, and chalets are always embellished with red geraniums. The traditional markets and fairs still mark the passage from one season to the other. And then, there is food, a true celebration of food - a warm and delicious one - with cheese, chocolate and dried meat.

The Swiss have always embraced innovation and experimentation, in cultural venues, too. Visit the avant-garde galleries, the Vitra Design Museum in Basel, and the remarkable Beyeler Foundation, the Centre designed by Mario Botta in Lugano and the ultra-modern MASI Gallery, as well as the Art Museum in Geneva. 


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