A professional trip focusing on hairdressing and beauty allows to learn all the techniques of the beauty sector, or to practise one of them in particular. This means going beyond theoretical education, which is combined with a practical and modern approach. It can also mean participating in trade fairs, or even international competitions.

A trip to acquire skills

The objective of your study trip is to get ready for the world of hairdressing and beauty, regardless of obtaining a degree. It may be the wish to train in another technique, or to explore new creative possibilities, or new practices.

The actual contents of this professional trip depend on your stated objectives, but in general terms it mixes a practical and a theoretical approach. Of course, it can be completely aimed at the acquisition of new skills.


A 100 % customized vocational path

The focus of a tailor-made professional trip is to provide a group of professionals with the opportunity to expand their knowledge, whether theoretical or practical. 

The theoretical part could deal with the following topics, for example:

• Your professional image

• Bacteriology, disinfection and infection control

• Hair and scalp characteristics

• Hairstyle

• Hair removal

• Make-up

• Exhibitions


The practical side may be:

• Shampoo techniques

• The use of scissors

• The use of razors

• Short-hair techniques

• Long-hair techniques

• Hair and scalp treatments

• Hair dyeing

• Permanent hair removal

• Etc.


In addition to theory and practice, a professional or school trip may result in a discovery of other innovative areas in the world of hairdressing and beauty, such as:

• Customer service

• Computer imaging

• Customer discovery and consultancy

• Gender considerations

• Professional products


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