Group trips in the agricultural sector, whether it is cultivation, production, processing or marketing, always bring added value when they are designed with care. It is only with such quality that your experience can be unforgettable (and useful!).

Each agricultural journey will focus on specific groups of expert professionals, young leaders, or specialized industries. These visits are short customized trips that will take you where you have never been before for a unique experience, with special attention to the group’s needs and interests.  And this in a good mood and on the adventure.  You can be assured you will have cultural and technical exchanges, the opportunity to explore key issues and to meet experts of your areas of study or of professional interest in connection with agriculture.

Different objectives for a common interest

The purpose of your agricultural journey is considering the different perspectives of producer groups, learning another way to improve the productivity of the processing industry, sustainability, prompting new ideas, etc. Each group created will have the opportunity to learn or to discover the functioning of the several agricultural businesses visited.

Each group trip is dedicated to a common interest, which allows an incredible and enriching exchange of information. And what is more, on various issues, including (but not limited to):


Establishing contacts

Each agricultural journey highlights similar challenges that you are or will be faced with. And if your main ambition is to solve problems learning how they have been overcome elsewhere, it is possible to refine the contacts. For instance, your group can establish contacts with other professionals to enlarge its network.

Your trip is also aimed at expanding opportunities, challenges and ideas, within your own group (of producers, etc.) or structure (MFR, chambre d’agriculture, CUMA, etc.).


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