There are a lot of jobs and missions related to the environment, but all of them converge toward one point in common, both for businesses and for any other organizations:  the awareness of the importance to preserve and maintain the environment. A group trip allows to promote this awareness in another region or country, to train in new economically viable methods, or simply to discover on site environment-related jobs.

Immersion in an environmentally responsible company

A study trip allows to meet professionals or organisations engaged in the promotion and transfer of environment-related expertise. Many reliable businesses enhance their customers’ awareness on a daily basis, and a visit can be the opportunity to discover several possibilities that you could implement yourself:

Get information and training

This trip can take your group to meet professionals at the heart of education and research. Whether it involves faculties or other governmental or non-governmental bodies, the trip combines the study of natural and human environments gathering geographers, ecologists and planners as well as experts of green business, tourism, environmental governance and policy making, economic development and sustainability.

A tailor-made trip always provides access to other fundamental values, as well as new perspectives. Your objective can focus on the search for creative solutions to some of the most urgent environmental problems of our era.

Meeting major environmental stakeholders

It is possible to plan your group trip to visit businesses or to meet professionals having considerable experience in the field of environment, advice and expertise, and a strong client base in both the private sector and the public sector.

It is also the opportunity to exchange information or participate in environmental activities, address in more detail a service provision or a project. And if you would like to take a study trip in order to acquire solid knowledge, valuable advice, or practical experience to meet the needs of your own projects, this is possible.

If your wish is to meet professionals of the environmental sector to analyse a potential approach, the group can become a team working closely with colleagues in the fields of:


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